Empowering Health, Globally

At Macaya Pharma, we are committed to enhancing health and well-being across the globe. Founded in February 2020 and based in Brooklyn, New York, we have swiftly become a beacon in the pharmaceutical industry, especially recognized for our role in combating COVID-19 within New York City and beyond.


Empowering Health, Globally

We specialize in distributing a diverse range of FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, and medical devices to various entities including hospitals, pharmacies, medical centers, and nursing homes, both nationally and internationally. Our goal is simple yet profound: making lives healthier everywhere.

At the heart of our operations, our vision and mission guide us in delivering excellence and value in healthcare. We are dedicated to making a significant impact in the lives of people, both in the USA and globally, by providing top-tier pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions.

About Us

The Essence of Macaya Pharma
Macaya Pharma – Pioneering Healthcare, Globally

Our Journey: From New York to the World
At Macaya Pharma, our story is one of vision, innovation, and commitment. Rooted in over 30 years of collective experience, our journey began in the heart of New York, and from there, we have expanded our reach globally. As we’ve grown, we have maintained our core focus on excellence, leveraging our team’s extensive background in pharmaceuticals and business. This unique blend of expertise and passion has been instrumental in shaping us into a key player in the pharmaceutical sector.

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  • Exports
  • A Manufacturing Unit
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Products and Services

Bridging Health and Innovation – Macaya Pharma
At Macaya Pharma, we take immense pride in our comprehensive portfolio of healthcare products and services. Our mission is to cater to a wide spectrum of health needs, ensuring that each product reflects our core values: Quality, Variety, and Reliability.


Healthcare Products:
Essential to Specialized Care s

Our range of healthcare products is meticulously curated to include everything from indispensable over-the-counter medications to specialized health supplements. Understanding the dynamic needs…

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Medical Devices:
Pioneering Tools for Healthcare Excellence

The medical devices we provide are more than just equipment; they are crucial tools that enable healthcare professionals to deliver outstanding patient care.

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Macaya Pharma

With our Pharmaceuticals, we aim to make significant contributions to improve the quality of life and life expectancy of people.

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